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Skate Game

Let's see you freestyling! Use spacebar to gain speed (but don't start too soon),
then when you're off the ramp,use the arrow keys to perform tricks,can you get the dragon combo by completing all the other combos?

Introduction to Skate Game

Skate games, along with Truck Games are some of the most popular online arcade games around at the moment, which comes as no surprise to anyone who has ever played one in the past. Because of their growing trend in popularity, more and more skate games are becoming available to play for free online, I'm going to talk about some of the better ones now.

For starters, we have Skate Park Game - you have your choice of a male or female character, (something a lot of flash skate games currently don't have) named Jake and Trixie.
Players participate in three rounds of a skateboarding competition in a skate park in which they launch themselves high into the air from a skate ramp and then use the arrow keys to perform different tricks which they are then judged on. You accumulate points over the three rounds by doing and try to get a high score. Bonus points are awarded if a player is able to perform three or more tricks in one jump, although that can be very challenging, it is worth it when the virtual crowd starts to cheer!

Next up there is the creatively named Sewer Skater Game - using the arrow keys to help their character explore some sewers full of putrid green waste players will jump, perform tricks, jump stairs and suspicious looking green goo all while trying to grind on every pipe and rail they see. The objective of the game is to score at least 3000 points before time runs out, meaning you only have 60 seconds to reach your goal, It is definitely one of the more challenging skate games available for online play, but having the extra control to move your character in any direction and turn him around easily also makes it a lot more fun than a standard sliding platform game. The focus is primarily on grinding, which makes it stand out from most other skate games.

Then there's Game Gecko Skateboarding- we play a lizard who likes to skate! Players get to experience skateboarding in three streets of California, including, Garnett Avenue, Newport Avenue and Mission Beach Boardwalk, which makes for a good variety of levels not seen in a lot of skate games. Our character engages in street skating rather than visiting parks, so the game has a lot more visual detail than most. Levels are completed by performing sets of moves, and if a player can perform each trick at least once per level they will score big bonus points. There are plenty of tricks to perform with the arrow keys, which are also used for navigation, including the rather challenging headplant! A fast paced game with lots of different objectives to be achieved, Game Gecko Skateboarding is a fun way to waste an hour.

Penguin Skate 2, another favourite, has got a real "cartoon feel" to it, and funky music can be heard in the background throughout the game. The player controls a young penguin who must collect candy canes in order to score points and complete levels. All movement is controlled with the arrow keys, while spacebar is used to jump. The great thing about this game is users are able to skate down a hill while grinding and jumping, or if they prefer can ice skate while trying to avoid water puddles as well as choose to put on a special hat, allowing our character to fly around. You have to collect 50 candy canes to pass the first level, then an extra 25 on each level after that. You only have three lives though, and as the game moves very fast it pays to be careful!

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Whatever kind of skate game you want to play, there is either one already out there or one in the process of being made. They are a great way to have fun when you are bored, trying to pass some time or just putting off doing your homework, Whether you want to play a girl, a boy, a reptile or a penguin you will always have the option of street skating or playing around in a skate part - there are plenty of characters and game play modes to suit everyone, no matter what age or skill level.

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